The Antelope


Being relatively regular patrons of the lovely Antelope in Tooting we thought it was only fitting that they were first on the list to receive A Good Roasting. One of our founding members being based near Tooting Broadway made it a short trip for us but it’s worth the journey for those of you further afield.

Knowing the place quite well we knew we wanted a table in the front section of the rather large pub where the atmosphere is best (side note: the back section can be great with the big screen when football is on). We had a table by the time we had bought a drink, it’s worth noting that they have a great selection on tap here, and sat down ready to get started.


We had a couple of guest additions to the team for this one and between us we ordered beef, lamb and pork to get a good cross-section of the offerings. Chicken, Seabass and a few veggie options were also on the menu but we’re going to be honest, you’re not going to find us picking for the veggie-option too regularly!

First impressions were promising, healthy portion size and immediately we spotted the great looking roasties, carrots and parsnips

The food arrived in good time and first impressions were promising, healthy portion size and immediately we spotted the great looking roasties, carrots and parsnips. One of us requested more gravy but we’re still undecided on whether that was out of necessity or greed, we’ll let you guys make that call if you make your way down there! The gravy itself was really good, really flavoursome, perhaps slightly too generous with the wine but nothing to complain about.

After dishing out the extra gravy between us we got stuck in. I went straight for the large Yorkshire pudding (size matters), these were definitely made onsite and were a pretty good effort. Nothing out of the ordinary but a good start, and great with the rich gravy. Following that were the roast potatoes, which were a bit of a mixed bag. I got four and all of them had been seasoned nicely and cooked throughout (underdone potatoes are a big bugbear of mine) but only two of the four were crispy in the right places with that perfect crunch even when covered in gravy.


Then it was time for arguably the main event, the meat. I had the pork and in my opinion, it didn’t bring home the bacon (sorry, couldn’t resist). It was a decent size served with a little side portion of apple sauce but the gravy was too good for me to bother with it. The meat was by no means bad but it was a little dry and needed copious amounts of that lovely gravy to really hit the spot and I even some at the end.

On the other hand, I definitely didn’t leave any carrots or parsnips and was tempted to start pinching them from the others when they weren’t looking. Both were roasted to perfection. In terms of greens to go alongside these, we were only given cabbage, which I’ll admit was a bit of a disappointment. It was cooked well and had a good bite to it so it wasn’t a letdown in itself but was hoping for a bit more of a variety.


My Co-Roaster Steve opted for the beef and was similarly disappointed with the meat. His serving was again a good size and came with a side portion of horseradish sauce, which he also overlooked in favour of the gravy. The meat itself was on the fatty side and was a bit overcooked which rendered it too chewy. He enjoyed the flavour though and said the gravy I keep raving about really complimented it.

Overall we were pretty satisfied. The portion sizes were good and there were enough good elements to the roast to make up for the slightly disappointing ones. It also helped to be in such a lovely pub, the décor is really cosy, the music was chilled and atmosphere really relaxing. The staff are really friendly and we’re yet to not enjoy ourselves there. We’re wondering if the meat may have been better earlier in the day as we went around 7pm on the Sunday and that was only real element to let the meal down, which otherwise was really strong.

The Antelope, 76 Mitcham Road, SW17 9NG (Nearest station Tooting Broadway)
Value — £13-15 with good portion sizes

The one line roast:

A strong, good value roast from a really lovely pub despite the disappointing meat.