The Castle


We’d been to the The Castle (right on the doorstep of Tooting Broadway station) a few times but never tried more than the sharing platters of bar snacks (which come highly recommended) so we were quite excited.

For those of you who don’t know The Castle, it’s a lovely pub with a lot more space than you’d expect at first glance. The open area at the front is great for a drink and if you head towards the back you’ll find a large restaurant. Running alongside the pub is also a big garden with plenty of tables, cushions and heaters to keep all the patrons snug as a bug.

They’ve got a large selection of roasts too; Chicken, Beef Rump, Pork, Shoulder of Dorset Lamb as well as a vegetarian option of Broccoli and Cauliflower Cheese Bake. After ordering the Beef and Pork, we sat eagerly awaiting our food.


When our roasts arrived we were a little bit disappointed in the presentation. The meals came stacked high and swimming in gravy with the Yorkshires on top. Once we’d moved them out the way we saw we each had two large potatoes that were ever so slightly underdone. (We’ve started to sense a bit of a theme here!) It might just be us who loves them but where have all the small crispy roasties gone?

Nothing else had much chance of being crispy or crunchy either due to the amount of gravy everything came drenched in! We think this could have worked in the meals’ favour if the gravy had more flavour to it, sadly it was a bit lacklustre and didn’t give us much to get excited about.

The main redeeming factor for both dishes was the meat, the beef was juicy and had a lot of great flavour to it, the pork was less intense in flavour but no less juicy. The only negative factor on the meat for us was that there wasn’t as much of it as we’d have liked!


The roasted vegetables looked and tasted pretty great but we were each given one piece of carrot and parsnip each. Yep, just the one of each…again! The whole roast sat on an enormous bed of pickled red cabbage. The flavour was a little overpowering so it was mostly left alone to be forgotten.

We love this pub and have really loved all the food we’d had there before, which is perhaps what made us so critical of this roast. It was by no means a bad meal at all but it sadly didn’t quite measure up to the high expectations we had of it.

The Castle, 38 Tooting High St, London SW17 0RG
Value – £13-15

The one line roast:

Average roast held up by small portions of some lovely meats.