The Roebuck


The Second Roasting saw us heading to The Roebuck, an independently owned pub just a short walk from Borough tube.

The pub was quite busy when we arrived so be sure to book ahead! That being said, the large Victorian building didn’t feel overcrowded and despite all the patrons, the volume was plenty low enough to hold a conversation (and to review a roast).

It’s safe to say that the menu had us both excited with three great options, beef rump, pork loin and chicken. I was quickly disappointed, however, that two of those options had sold out as early as 1:30pm meaning we had no choice but to order the whole baby chicken. I can’t help but think that this situation could have been avoided with better preparation as we were still in the early stages of the lunchtime rush. But maybe I was just sulking at being told I couldn’t have 28 day aged Dexter beef rump, stranger things have happened!

The Roebuck is a light and airy pub with lots of comfy furnishings and a nice large bar to cater for all those roast orders. Curiously, there was a large painting hanging on the back wall of what appeared to be a relative of Bambi. Maybe mother, perhaps father. Either way, we’ve never seen a deer with both antlers and killer eyelashes like those before.


When the food arrived, I’ll admit, I had forgotten all about ‘beefgate’. The presentation of the meal was great, the baby chickens looking delicious smothered with gravy (despite how oddly sinister that sounds). They tasted as good as they looked too; juicy and really succulent. These two little birds ended up being the highlight of the meal in a big way.

I was a little disheartened to see there were only two potatoes. They were big nontheless but I have to admit I am a fan of smaller crunchy ones. No real complaints here though, they were crunchy on the outside and fluffy within — all in all a decent roastie.


It was a similar story with the vegetables. The carrots and parsnips were both nicely roasted and the kale gave us something to feel healthy about. The portions, however, were a little stingy. Two parsnips: fine. A handful of kale: sure. One carrot: sorry, what?!

The Yorkshires came looking like the gnarly home-made puddings we love and tasted scrumptious (brownie points from us). Unfortunately, the bottoms were burnt which left a couple of mouthfuls unedible.

If we’re being honest, this was a good roast. Yes, there were a few things that weren’t brilliant (the gravy overload, veg portions and burnt Yorkshires), but they were all tasty enough and the chicken was poultry perfection.

The Roebuck, 50 Great Dover St, London SE1 4YG
Value – £13-15 with good portion sizes

The one line roast:

Superb chicken made this an above average roast despite stingy veg portions.